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Congressman Massie questions Michael Cohen on Oversight Committee.
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U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie

Last week, as a member of the Oversight Committee, I had the opportunity to question Michael Cohen.

To put it bluntly, last week's testimony should not have happened. After lying to Congress, Cohen should never have been invited to return. The American people don't have time for this political theater. 

In the videos below, you can watch my questioning as well as two TV interviews about the hearing.

  Oversight Committee: Congressman Massie Questions Michael Cohen
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Congressman Massie Responds to Michael Cohen Testimony with Neil Cavuto
Congressman Massie: "I think the President was exonerated—at least somewhat—in my line of questioning. I asked Cohen if he knew what a good lawyer was. 'Does a good lawyer have a responsibility to provide good legal advice?' And he said yes. 

I asked him if he was a good lawyer when he made the payments to Ms. Clifford, because in his testimony this morning, he said he didn't even consider if it was right or wrong or the proper thing to do. He didn't care. He just did it. I said, 'How could you be advising your client on the legality of this when you didn't care what the legality is?'"

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  Congressman Massie and Kennedy Discuss Michael Cohen Testimony  
Last week on Fox Business, Congressman Massie spoke with Kennedy about the WikiLeaks revelation from Michael Cohen's testimony.

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